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Prise de contact
Initial consultation

A meeting is organized to discuss your needs and goals. We immerse ourselves in your business to understand and define the specifics of your project. This exchange helps to clearly define the tasks to be performed. This meeting is free and without obligation.

Devis personnalisé
Customized quote

Following our discussions, we send a customized quote that includes a detailed breakdown of the various costs and the schedule. This document precisely outlines the services we offer, the estimated number of revisions, and the pricing structure. Once you approve the proposal, we move on to the next step.

Design et développement
Design and development

With the proposal accepted, we start the actual design and development work. This includes brainstorming, concept creation, drafts, and design iterations. We collaborate with you, gather feedback, and refine the design until it aligns with your vision.

Révision & approbation
Review and approval

Once we've developed the design to your satisfaction, we present it to you for review. You have the opportunity to provide feedback and request any final revisions. Our aim is to ensure that you are delighted with the design before proceeding to the final step.

Livraison finale
Final delivery

After you approve the design, we prepare the final files or assets and deliver them to you. This may involve providing print-ready files, web graphics, or any other necessary deliverables. We ensure that you have all the resources you need to use the design effectively.

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