Tailor-made illustrations for a brochure on renewable energy

Renewable energy

A 20-page brochure, with a resolutely modern design to highlight the projects carried out and the technical advances in terms of renewable energy in Europe.

A bright, modern design and a unique layout was used to enhance the texts and data. We used a lot of icons and graphics to make the brochure light and easy to read. The design has been declined on several promotional supports to create a real campaign.

FSC printing

This brochure was printed at our local partner’s, on PEFC paper and without coating.

Carbon footprint

Even if the health situation obliged it in this case, we made it a priority to limit our travels as much as possible.

Societal contribution

Through this project, we wanted to support the renewable energy sector. To make their message clear and visible thanks to infographics and an attractive design.

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