La Maison des arts de Schaerbeek

Printing materials

The project
This year, due to the health situation, the team of La Maison des Arts decided to set up an online version of their event, the “Extra Small” exhibition and sale, to the delight of the people of Brussels who supported this great local initiative.

To create a dynamic, user-friendly and modern website in a very short time frame of one month to showcase the creativity of the 66 Schaerbeek artists and their 396 works.

Design a range of graphic styles, collaborate and share the progress of the graphic work in real time. Drink coffee. Take charge of all the creative steps. And finally, have a lot of fun in the creation & collaboration.

Societal contribution

Through this project, we want to support the cultural sector, which more than ever needs visibility to continue to live and is so important to us.

Carbon footprint

We make a priority of limiting our travel. For this project, all meetings were held remotely.

Local partnerships

For this project, we worked with our Brussels-based webdesigner partner for the implementation of the site and its technical aspects.

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