Human Beyond Digital

Brand identity

The project
Human Beyond Digital simplifies and improves digital marketing processes, offers data identification, collection, provision, analysis and dissemination.

Create a balanced, readable and minimal logo with a long brand name.  Develop a strong visual identity to stand out.

Create a typographic logo to highlight the company name using a font that symbolises the brand’s values. Enhance the graphic identity with a bold & warm colour gradient.


As the project was mainly digital, it made sens to avoid any printing during the project. Even meeting minutes were written online! 

Carbon footprint

We make it a point of honor to limit our travels as much as possible. In the framework of this project, only one
in-person meeting has been necessary.


We were determined to help Julie with her project. Having launched our respective companies at the same time, it was obvious to us that helping each other would enrich us both.

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